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News from the office

April 9, 2014

The year is progressing as we manage your properties and set up new investments. With over 60 properties all over the country, our day to day interactions are many and varied.

Over the past few months we have changed the way we operate within our offices. With the three staff now spread around our three locations, we are now able to meet face to face and discuss specific operational matters more easily. We are also recruiting a new team member in Christchurch to help improve communications and assist with the ever-increasing compliance and earthquake related issues.

As overall Asset Manager for MHPL, I have based myself in Christchurch where my focus will continue to be working closely with stakeholders, including directors, tenants, banks and engineers, and concentrating on the more strategic matters.

We are very excited about our new management programme Re-Leased. An add-on to Xero, it will greatly improve our management and reporting abilities.

Processing of Annual Accounts for the 2012/13 year is now almost complete. As mentioned, the increased compliance requirements have certainly added to the workload. The need to have a 100% return of shareholder resolutions and the extra Directors’ meetings, as well as the full implications of mandatory DEE reports for all Christchurch properties continue to dominate.

Later this year and early next year we’re looking forward to several shareholders’ events and we will be in touch about the specific details.

All the best for the rest of your year
Dale Robertson

An update

It has been a busy year so far with both existing and new investments – an update on the current projects follows.

The North Transport building in Blenheim is due for completion later this month. It survived without damage from the earthquakes and has an initial lease term of 10 years. It is full as far as equity is required.

In Christchurch we have been involved in three Tegel projects, being new warehouses, an existing feed mill and a new processing facility. The warehouses are under construction, due for completion later this year. The processing facility is complete and we’re about to seek equity support for this; it has an initial 25 year lease.

Queenstown’s 5 Mile has been a controversial project in the past, known as ‘Henderson’s Hole’ amongst other things. It is now all go.

The first stage involves five buildings, the roading and all the carparking. Within the complex we have two buildings, one the Countdown supermarket, and the other Briscoes and Rebel Sport stores. Opening is scheduled between December 2014 and February 2015. Equity opportunities are available.

Please let us know about the properties you’re interested in.

Thanks very much
Ron Mackersy

Current Projects

Tegel Hatchery, Christchurch

Five Mile, Queenstown

Blenheim Road, Blenheim

Please contact Ron Mackersy 027 473 3091 for further information on our current projects.